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1. Is ASR Groups a NGO or Charity?

ASR Groups is neither a NGO nor a Charity. It is a Crowd funding & marketing platform, which helps an individual to raise funds for Personal, Social and charitable causes.

2. What is crowd funding?

Crowd funding – A method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors.

3. Is Crowd funding legal in India?

According to the rules in India, equity-based crowd funding is illegal. While the Donor-based and Reward-based are totally legal. If you're a budding start up, crowd funding is something that you must look forward to.

4. Is Crowd funding taxable in India?

Non-profit organisations that raise money through crowd funding platforms are completely exempted from taxation under the current Income Tax regulations. However any individual receiving donations on any platform, unless the company is a non-profit itself, is liable to pay Income Tax.

5. Does ASR Groups Charge for service?

Yes, ASR Groups receives an amount according to its plan as service charge it will never charge any money on fund raised by you. Please refer our PLAN page for the detailed breakup.

6. Does the raised amount reach the individual directly?

WithASR Groups the money goes directly to the bank account associated with your profile. Raising money for yourself or anyone has never been easier.

7. Do I need to submit any information to receive the funds?

YES, it’s mandatory to submit all the necessary bank information to process and transfer the funds.


Our satisfied customer says

ASR Groups helps you launch fundraisers for you and your loved ones. Be it medical treatment or giving wings to your inner artist, you can always count on us.


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